“A Little T.L.C.”

Late one afternoon, I drove  into town to help my son drop off his vehicle for repairs. On the way, I turned off the radio and just talked to God. Lots of issues loomed heavily on my spirit.

One particular situation was requiring a great-faith action. I felt God had already made clear what I needed to do, but I was hesitating. Timing was the issue. I knew what to do, but when? I queried God: “Do I wait until You confirm this action before I move, or do You want me to take the step of faith first?”

As clear as if God were sitting in the passenger’s seat, I heard Him say, ” “TLC, Donna — a little TLC.” 

What did He mean? With my whole heart, I believe this was God’s word for me:

Trust Me.

Listen to Me.

Commit to Me.

I am not to trust a person, a possession, a paycheck — just God and God alone. Once I completely trusted God, then I needed to listen for and listen to His voice, discern it from all the noise and all the advice around me. Once I heard His word, I was to commit with my whole heart to what I heard.

Trust in the LORD and do good…

Delight yourself in the LORD…

Commit your way to the LORD…

Psalm 37: 3-6

Well, I did just as God said and gave Him “a little TLC” — I trusted, listened, and commited to Him. And you know what happened? He gave me “a lot of TLC” — some awesome tender loving care!

What a God we serve!
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