God Pursues Us!

A few weeks ago, my study group finished Henry Blackaby’s Experiencing God study. What a blessing – an even greater blessing (and conviction) than the first time I took it 25 years ago!  Both then and now I’m struck by how God continuously pursues a love relationship with me and how poorly I respond to it.

Let me share a few of my favorite gems from Blackaby’s chapter on this love relationship:

  • NEVER look at any situation except against the backdrop of the cross. NEVER allow God's love to peopleyour heart to question God’s love.
  • EVERYTHING in your Christian life depends upon the quality of your love relationship with God.
  • When you are in a love relationship with God, you have [not just everything you need; you have] everything there is!
  • If you struggle to spend time with God, you don’t have a time problem; you have a love problem!
  • God is a Person pouring His life into yours.
  • CHRISTIANITY is a personal, practical, progressive relationship with Almighty God.

Meditate on this list describing God’s love for you.

Then assess the quality of your love for and devotion to God.

Need to run and talk to Him?  Good.  He’s waiting with open arms!