The journey begins

“…You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good

promises the LORD your God gave you has failed.

Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed.”   (Joshua 23:14)


About 12+ years ago, God began dealing with me about writing. I wanted no part of it. I enjoyed teaching my college Sunday School class and women’s Bible studies. Write? No time. No talent. No way. But God kept urging and I kept dodging.

As I sat in evening worship one night, something the pastor said prompted the argument with God again. In my mind I reviewed all the reasons why I could not do it and finally said — in my mind, of course buy CBD products “God, if this is really You telling me to do this — if it’s You and not my pride — then You’re going to have to make it as clear as the spoken word.”

At that very moment, my middle child who was 11-12 at the time, elbowed me. When I looked down at him, he whispered, “You need to write a Bible.” I said, “Keegan, we already have a Bible. God wrote it so we don’t need another one.”

He replied, “I mean a book. You need to write a book.” I held my finger to my mouth, indicating he needed to be quiet, looked back up, and then it hit me, “…as clear as the spoken word”! And thus the journey began.      

And then you know what God did? He up and moved us to South Carolina — 4 states away from home! From there we moved to Texas.  Now we’re back at home in Louisiana. How wise He was. As long as I stayed here in Louisiana, I was too busy for anything new, so He cut me off. South Carolina was to me as the Kerith Ravine was to Elijah: I was cut off from people and busy-ness so that I could spend time with and be fed by God alone. Elijah stayed 3-1/2 years in his ravine; I stayed 7 ( I’m a slow learner). What wonderful things God did during that time and what glorious lessons I learned.

I used to whine about how long it was taking for me to learn, to grow, to write, to be published. “God, You promised! Where is it?” He lovingly led me to stories like Abraham who had to wait 25 years to receive his promised son; or Moses who had to stay in his “desert ravine” for 40 years before he could be the promised deliverer of Israel; or Noah who faithfully followed God”s instructions for 120 years before the promised flood came. So, in God’s economy, 7 years is not long at all.Journey

And now the day is here! My first book went into print August 7! To God be the glory. He always keeps His promises! Accept His promises for you and let your journey begin!