Finally, my professional job as a talent development consultant. The Lord continues to impress upon me that it’s time to move on, to pursue His call and write/teach on a more full-time basis, to trust Him alone for our needs. Even though I want to do just that, several fears have kept me from it.

“Lord, we have this small bit of debt over here.  Let me work long enough to pay that off and then I’ll be able to quit.”  Well, my mother-in-law left us a little money; it’s paid off.

“Lord, I’m committed to facilitate these four Leadership Projects in 2013.  Let me get through these and then I’ll be able to quit.”  After the second, the other two were cancelled.

“Lord,  You know how summer is.  Let me get through this hectic season and then I’ll be able to quit.”  I opened my calendar and you could almost hear the crickets singing.

“Lord, give me one more confirmation that this is really what You want and not just what I want. Ten confirmations just aren’t enough.”  The sermon topic the following Sunday?  Having the courage to do what God is calling you to do!  (The preacher even made the comment, “Maybe God is calling you to leave a job…”!)

So, now I’m hiding behind the old submission card.  You know, I can’t move forward until my husband gives the the go-ahead.  He’s not there yet!

So I wait…

So God waits…

(I pray He outlasts me!)