There’s Blood on My Door!

My heart had a door,

            With lintel and post,

A rug on the floor

            But no “welcome” to boast.


My door was so neat –

            Everything just right –

The outside, so sweet;

            The inside, not quite.


“Self reliant am I,”

            My heart used to say.

But that was a lie

            I found out one day.


My door I kept locked,

            And me locked within,

Till one day “He” knocked

            And I let Him in.


He sat down to eat –

            He sat down with me!

And I fell at His feet.

            I had to!  You see…


He died for my sin

            My life to redeem;

For my “next of kin”*

            Loves to extreme!


Now blood’s on my door

            For I have been bought –

Right there on the floor

            Where grace marks the spot!


The Lamb paid my debt

            I ran up in pride;

And without regret

            He made me His Bride.


So, Death, pass me over;

            For there’s blood on my door!

My enslavement is over

            And I’m His evermore!


*In Hebrew, a Kinsman Redeemer refers the closest relative, or “next of kin,” who was to redeem the widow and/or land of a deceased kinsman or to redeem the kinsman from slavery.  Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer.  He became a flesh-and-blood brother for the purpose of redeeming His kin from the slavery of sin.