Can you imagine what God hears?


The Bible tells us that God heard…

…Abel’s blood crying out from the ground (Genesis 4:10); 

…Hagar’s cries of misery (Genesis 16:11); 

…young Ishmael’s cries for water (Genesis 21:17);

…Leah’s cry for love (Genesis 29:33);

…Rachel’s cry for a child (Genesis 30:6);

…Israel’s groaning and their cries of suffering (Exodus 2:26, 3:7);

…Israel’s complaints of hardship (Numbers 11:1);

…Miriam and Aaron’s gossip against Moses (12:2);

…Elijah’s cry for a young boy’s life (1 Kings 17:22);

…the blasphemies uttered by the enemies of His people (2 Kings 19:4);

…Hezekiah’s prayer for healing (2 Kings 20:5);

…Josiah’s humble intercession for mercy upon Israel (2 Kings 22:18-19);

…Solomon’s request for national forgiveness (2 Chronicles 7:12);

…David’s weeping and his cry for mercy (Psalm 6:8-9);

…the afflicteds’ desires and their cries for help (Psalm 10:17, 22:24);

…the poor’s call for help in times of trouble (Psalm 34:6);

…David’s vows of devotion to God (Psalm 61:5);

…the enemy’s insults and plots and our pleas for relief (Lamentations 3:56, 61).


And God acted upon what He heard!


Having read this partial list of what God hears, how will you respond?  Will you cry out to him with the deepest desires of your heart?  Will you call out to Him for help in times of trouble? Will you intercede for those who are helpless or who are in rebellion?  Will you seek repentance for your secret sins, which really are no secret to Him?  Will you close the doors on gossip and divisive talk?  Will you lay your needs before Him and trust Him to be your Provider?  Will you boldly ask him for healing? Will you intercede for your nation? Will you believe that He hears the words and plans of your enemy and that He will take care of them for you?

Knowing that God hears everything and that He acts upon what He hears, will the cries of your heart and the words of your mouth change at all?