The Eclipse God*

partial eclipse - small

Solar eclipse: A phenomenon that occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking out the sun’s light and casting a dark shadow on the earth. 

A solar eclipse is a bizarre sight to behold,  appearing like the moon has locked up the sun and the sun’s rays are fighting to free it from captivity.  Yet, the moon has not obliterated the sun nor harmed it in anyway. The sun is right where it’s always been, doing what it’s always done: shining brilliantly. The moon has simply gotten in the way, blocking the earth’s view of its precious, life-giving star.


How like the eclipsing moon is man with all his “ignorant intelligence” — and by “man” I mean all humans.  Men and women alike have concocted shadowy theories and dark philosophies about God that have clouded (not changed) the truth:

“God is not the Creator of the universe; rather, it has evolved to its present state.”

“God is Love; therefore, He (or She) would never deny someone like Gandhi access into heaven.”

“God is in every created thing; therefore, every created thing is God.”

“God is a creative-energy-essence all around us; we call it the spiritual realm or our God-selves.”

“God is the ‘man upstairs’ who is either happy with you or mad at you.”

“God is just the beginning word in an expletive phrase; you know, ‘God *@&#^%!!'”

“God? There is no such being.”

Oh, the pitiful little “moons” who attempt to obliterate God, who try so desperately to block out the light of His Truth, who spend their lives casting shadows on the earth with their cold, dark theories. But God is right where He’s always been, shining brilliantly as He always has. His warm, life-giving rays are available to anyone who will push the little moons aside and step out of their shadows and into His light.

Dr. R. C. Sproul once said that his heart’s desire is to remove the shadows, to pull back those obstinate little moons, and “to reveal the resplendent glory of the truth of God’s majesty.”  You can tell by his choice of words that Dr. Sproul certainly doesn’t think of God as just “the man upstairs”! No, he clings tightly, lovingly, and worshipfully to the truth of God. 

Have you clung to the truth?  Are you standing in the shadows or in the light? Are you a protector of truth?  

Oh, Father, may it be the passion of all your children to live in the light of your Truth, to stand strong against any “little moon” that attempts to rise between Your Truth and our hearts. May we not allow the theories of man to darken our understanding of You or reduce our awe of You. May we testify to the truth of who You are: YHWH, Creator, El Shaddai, Most High God, Savior, Redeemer, Lifter of My Head…  May we be protectors of Your reputation: loving yet just, gracious yet holy, perfect yet forgiving, far above yet deep within Your children…  May we be valiant warriors in the fight against any who attempt to eclipse the majesty and the glory of the one, true God!

*The provacative title The Eclipse of God is original to the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber, who published a book by the same name in 1952.