Happy New Year!

Timing: it’s everything. 

I’ve been studying 1 & 2 Samuel in my quiet time for the past few months.  Here on the last day of 2009, I arrived at the last chapter of 2 Samuel.  And what passage does my year end with?  None other than David’s convicting words in 2 Samuel 24:24 —

“I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God

burnt offerings that cost me nothing.”

We believers speak boldly about our sacrifices for God. We “sacrifice” things like sleeping in on Sunday mornings, a few bills for the offering plate, a bag of groceries for the hungry, those lusts of the flesh that are overtly evil, etc.  My, aren’t we devout?

Most of us, however — of whom I am the worst — actually, factually, truthfully live a truncated version of verse 24: “I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God.”  That’s it. We SAY the whole verse, but we LIVE only the first half.  It’s time for a change!

This morning as I begin preparing to open yet another grace gift from God — a brand new year —  I prayed and asked God a very serious and difficult question, “LORD, what would you have me sacrifice? I no longer want a FREE AND EASY ride to heaven; I want to PAY THE COST of being sold out to You!  Show me what stands in the way that I may lay it upon the altar and slay it.”  He wasted no time in starting His list!





Well, it looks like it might be a rough start to 2010 but I’m determined!  Yes, I know God loves me unconditionally; I don’t have to do anything to earn His love.  But my heart’s desire is to show Him how much I love Him.  And how else can I do that except through obedience and sacrifice?

David understood.  I’m beginning to get it.  How about you?

New Year